I am CategorieN!   

 CategorieN is a newcomer DJ / Producer from Germany who inspires his crowd with euphoric, infectious melodies
and strong kicks from current and self-produced harddance tracks and unites them with his motto “Unite the Sound”.
You can find his own tracks like “Ignite”, “Reality” or “Dark Cryptonite” on Spotify and more!  

  He performed on big festivals like:   
Winterbeats Festival, Electrisize Festival, World Club Dome, Utopia Island Festival, Phoenix Festival, EOS Festival
as well as Spring Break Island in Croatia.
Through these and other events, he could support greats like:
Ran-D, Estasia, Unresolved, F.Noize, Ncrypta, Sub Sonik, Rejecta or Andy Svge.   

CategorieN is far from being at the end.  
So follow the social media channels to be
always up-to-date.

Greez CategorieN!